New Product: Algal filters suitable for QA/QC

22 Jun. 2015  

New product: Filters with mixed algae cultures available for QA/QC  

The standardized filters are especially suitable for QC measurements for monitoring a HPLC method’s performance regarding repeatability and reproducibility when analyzing phytoplankton pigment in natural samples by HPLC. Compared to the 'DHI Mixed Pigments', the DHI filters with mixed algal cultures will make you able to include an evaluation of the handling and extraction procedures, which is useful when analyzing natural samples.

The filters contain different algal cultures and more than 20 different pigments can be detected. Filters are shipped within 1 month after ordering with a certificate of analysis. Filter type: Whatman GF/F, 25 mm. Price: 444 DKK. Minimum quantity sold: 10.

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